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360 Member Benefits
  •   Weekly group AMA’s (ask me anything) with Khierstyn Ross (this is the only direct access anyone get’s to Khierstyn outside of her private clients)
  •   Private FB Group for day-to-day connection, collaboration, contribution. Khierstyn and other group members are here to answer specific questions
  •  Product Launch Academy Resources: A video course library that covers all key parts of the product launch journey
  •  Spotlights: Where Khierstyn will do an Accelerator Call with pre-selected members live for the benefit of 360 Members
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"Launching a Kickstarter campaign can be really overwhelming and I feel so lucky to have found Khierstyn and 360 to guide and support me through the process. You can reads 100s of online articles with crowdfunding advice, but Khierstyn actually has first hand experience on what works and what doesn't. (360/Khierstyn) makes it easy to focus in on what you need to do to prep for a successful launch and is so generous with feedback and ideas. 

If you are going to put in the time and resources into hosting a crowdfunding campaign, I believe 360 is more than worth the investment." 

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